Do you want to live an extraordinary life? Is life what you anticipated it to be? Learning to navigate your life and understanding who you are as a person begins with self-care and mindfulness.

Each day we navigate our way through the world based on the experiences that have shaped us. We have to choose how we respond and express ourselves even when we have been traumatized or weren’t taught how to deal with all that life throws at us. Learning to sort through our crap and creating who we want to be is what Intuitive Self Care (ISC) is all about.

Monica has created a wonderful way to use mindfulness and self-care that allows folks to begin healing, understanding themselves, their quirks, and helps move them forward with life in a more happy, healthy, calm, and meaningful way. As a result of learning to operate more efficiently, you also create an Owner’s Manual for Self. Who doesn’t need an owner’s manual? Once you begin utilizing ISC, you will have the power to find the peace that has always eluded you.

Individuals, Couples and Families