Sex Therapy

As an AASECT trained therapist, I pride myself in helping individuals and couples with their sexual health and gender issues.

Sex therapy generally addresses the emotional issues underlying sexual problems and employs behavioral techniques to deal with the physical symptoms.

One popular technique used in treating many sexual problems is called Sensate focus, in which couples caress or massage each other without sexual contact. The goal is to help both partners learn to give and receive pleasure and feel safe together.  As a result of performing this exercise, many couples discover new ways to experience pleasure other than sexual intercourse.

Other exercises treat specific problems such as women’s inability to have orgasms and men’s erectile problems. Performing these exercises often evokes strong feelings that are then explored through psychotherapy. People who have experienced sexual trauma or are confused about their sexual identity may need to spend more time working through their feelings. For couples, the focus is on improving communication and developing greater intimacy.

In addition, I work with people who are dealing with questions about their gender.  Often times this may translate into questions about self or others but it can also become about transitioning into your authentic self.



Individuals, Couples and Families